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“If music be the food of love, play on.”William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

This quote pretty much sums up my passion and love for music!

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I have loved all types music for as long as I can remember, but in particular I am a huge fan of House Music (now referred to as EDM – Electronic Dance Music) and Bhangra/Hindi Remixes.

My interest in mixing music started after purchasing the Bump 5 CD (around 1999). This CD was mixed by DJ Costa and I was intrigued at how the songs blended into each other.

However I first got into DJing around 2004 when I got a copy of Virtual DJ and started playing around with it. I started recording my mixes and making CD copies (which I titled My Sessions) and distributed copies among family and friends. My mixes where a fusion of Eastern (Bhangra/Hindi Remixes) with Western (House Music). It was the best way for me to bring together my love of both styles of music!

At this point in time DJing was merely a hobby. However, around 3 years ago I decided to take my DJing more seriously, and purchased a full copy of Virtual DJ as well as a MixTrack Pro MIDI Controller. With me being an IT Consultant as a day job, Digital DJ’ing brought together the best of both Music and Technology.

I have now started posting regular MP3 mixes online and also now started doing mobile DJ gigs.

One of my main aims is to get a mix of mine played on 5FM’s Ultimix @6.

My DJ Equipment:

My equipment consists of a MSI Laptop running Virtual DJ software linked to a Numark N4 MIDI Controller.

Thoughts about DJing:

DJing takes the music listening experience to another level. DJing has now become a lot more commercial in the past 10 years, especially with the switch to Digital (Software+Controller).

It is a lot easier for aspiring DJs to get going now.


DJ’s I admire:

The first DJ to spark my interest in DJing was DJ Costa, who is the DJ behind the Bump CD series (The Bump series is currently on its 32nd album, and still going strong). My current influences include local DJ’s Kent, Euphonik, Fresh, Roger Goode, Ryan the DJ. International influences include Avicii, deadmau5 and Calvin Harris.


DJ Scene in South Africa:

The local DJ scene is huge at the moment, and I believe it is one of the best in the world due to the various different music genre influences we have here. The influence of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) throughout the world has escalated the role of the DJ.



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